The P-K-Mg fertilizer recommendation tabs

Calculate P-K-Mg fertilizer requirements in the Fertilizer recommendation tab

In both the P-K-Mg fertilization recommendation tab and the P fertilizer requirements according DüV tab first select the farm and the field.
The P fertilizer requirements according DüV tab is displayed only if the region Germany was selected.

In the P-K-Mg Fertilizer recommendation tab recommendations are calculated:

    • solely according to scientific criteria.

In the  P fertilizer requirements according DüV tab recommendations are calculated:

      • according both to the provisions of the Fertilizer Ordinance AND scientific criteria .
      • For the calculation of K and Mg fertilizer recommendations there are no regulations in the Fertilizer Ordinance, therefore for K and Mg the results from the tab P-K-Mg fertilizer recommendation tab can be used.

The recommendations for P may differ in the tabs. This is the consequence of the different calculation methods. For commercial farms in Germany, the calculation in the P fertilizer requirements according DüV tab is mandatory.

For both tabs above:

      • Click Compute to compute.
      • Click Export results to save the calculation as a PDF file or as an Excel file.
      • On the right side of the screen Messages  that explain the calculation are shown. Click the i icon to see more information about the message.

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