Version 4.4.3 – expected 01.11.2018
  • Improved support for permanent crops (asparagus, rhubarb) and over winter crops (cauliflower, spinach).
Version 4.4.2 – 01.05.2018
  • Improved estimation of the soil mineral nitrogen (Nmin), if crops are terminated and incorporated before harvest (for example after hail damage or crop protection problems).
  • The software now uses the latest Java 9, so 32-bit systems are no longer supported.
Version 4.4.1 – 01.04.2017
  • By default, fertilizer recommendations and nutrient balances are calculated according to the requirements of the German Fertilizer Ordinance 2017 . Users for whom the Fertilizer Ordinance 2017 does not apply (small businesses, allotments, companies outside Germany) can also continue to use the calculation methods used so far.
  • When fertilizer measures are entered, the amount of fertilizer is now used to calculate and display the amount of nutrients applied. For organic fertilizers, it is shown how much N is available to plants in the year of fertilization.
Version 4.3.0 – 01.04.2016
  • The program now estimates the time course of nitrogen release from organic fertilizers and considers this amount of N in fertilizer recommendations.
    The database of organic commercial and industrial fertilizers has been considerably expanded and new parameters have been recorded. The N release is estimated depending on the type of fertilizer, the N content and the C/N ratio of the fertilizers.
  • The soil temperature is also taken into account. Each farm is assigned long-term averages of soil temperatures. The user can use these long-term averages or enter actual soil temperatures himself.
Version 4.2.2 – 01.10.2015
    • Updates to the database will be posted on the IGZ server and automatically loaded by the program.
    • Small UI improvements.
Version 4.2.1 – 01.07.2015
      • Supplement to the help texts.
      • Small corrections.
Version 4.2.0 – 01.05.2015
    • Big update from version 3 – the program has been completely reworked, the database has been updated.