Sub fields

If different crops are cultivated in one  field at the same time, or one crop is cultivated in successiv sets, it is necessary for the calculation of N-fertilization recommendation to subdivide the field into sub fields.
This is necessary because for sub fields that have been treated differently (different culture times, harvest times, fertilization measures, etc.) also different N-fertilization recommendations must be calculated.

N-Expert Software
Set up sub fields

Each field can be divided into up to 50 sub fields (for example, planting beds, tractor tracks, sprinkling strands).
The number of sub fields must be specified when a field is created and can not be changed after saving.
If a change in the number of sub fields becomes necessary, the field – and thus all entries made for this field – must be deleted and then the field must be created anew.
If sub fields are treated differently (e.g., different crops, planting dates), separate N-fertilization recommendations must be calculated for these sub fields. It ist not possible to calculate common N-fertilizer recommendation for the whole field.
In contrast, P, K, Mg fertilization recommendations are always calculated as the mean value for the whole field.
A field that has not been split consists of a (“1”) sub field.
In the nutrient balance and in the documentation, information that applies to sub fields is marked with the suffix “SF”. Information that applies to the entire field is marked with the suffix “F”.

Display sub fields condensed or individually

By default, all sub fields are displayed condensed. This means that for all sub fields that have been treated equally, only one row is displayed in the list (table).

If you want to change individual entries from a summarized data record,
click on summarized / individually to display the sub fields individually. These can then be edited individually. Then you can click on summarized / single again to simplify the display.

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